How it Works

Room Selection in 6 Easy Steps

Room Selection is an annual process during which current undergraduate students select on-campus housing for the following academic year. Students choose from a variety of housing arrangements that include living with a group in doubles, suites, or apartments, or living in a single in a corridor-style room or apartment.

What About Incoming First-Year Students?

Incoming First-Year students (Class of 2028) do not participate in Room Selection and are instead assigned to one of our First-Year residence halls.

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Learn About the Process

The best way to prepare for Room Selection is to do your homework: confirm your eligibilityattend an info session and watch Room Selection videos to learn more about what to expect as a rising sophomore, rising junior, or rising senior.

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Understand Your Point Value

All students participating in Room Selection are assigned a point value based on their class. The point value is used to determine the student's lottery number and appointment time. Learn more

#3: Wien Hall
Explore Our Residence Halls

Use our Residence Hall Directory to research your options.

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Decide How to Register: Group or Individual

We encourage all students to participate as part of an even-numbered group to improve their chances of selecting a room during their appointment time. Students who register as individuals or as part of an odd-numbered group may not be able to select a room depending on the inventory of  available rooms during their appointment.

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Register Your Housing Intent

All current residential students must register their housing intent in the Housing Portal, even if they intend to move off-campus, study abroad, or will be assigned to a room as part of a special population. Registration lets us know your intended plan and is important in maintaining guaranteed housing status.

#6: a single bedroom in EC
Select a Room & Sign Your Occupancy Agreement

Individual students and groups will receive an appointment time during which they will log into the Housing Portal and select a room. Only the Group Leader is eligible to make selections for group members. After room selections have been made, every student must sign their Occupancy Agreement. Your assignment is not finalized until you and all members of your group have signed.

Room Selection for You

Are you planning to live at Barnard or invite a Barnard student into your Room Selection group? Learn more.

Watch this Video!

Check out our collection of videos designed to help you learn more about our residence halls and the Room Selection process. Many of the videos feature students providing their personal tips and recommendations, including our featured video, "How Room Selection Works" which was created in collaboration with the Residence Hall Leadership Organization (RHLO).


Important Dates & Deadlines

There are no upcoming events.

Updates for AY 24-25

  • The Room Selection Waitlist (for students who are unable to select during their appointment time) has been renamed the Guaranteed Assignment List to reflect that all students on this list have guaranteed housing status and will be assigned to on-campus housing. Students on the Guaranteed Assignment List are assigned by the end of July. 

  • Groups can only be formed with students from adjacent classes (e.g., senior-junior; junior-sophomore). Rising seniors cannot form groups with rising sophomores. 

  • Blind doubles will not be available for students to choose into during Room Selection. Learn more.

    • Once all corridor-style singles and odd-numbered suites have been selected, remaining odd-numbered groups and individuals will not be able to select during their appointment time. These groups and individuals will be added to the Guaranteed Assignment List. We strongly encourage students (particularly rising sophomores and juniors) to form even-numbered groups to improve their chances of selecting a room during their appointment time.  

  • Traffic related to construction on the Columbia Law School building may impact the Wien Courtyard during Academic Year 24-25.

  • Construction is planned on a Barnard property adjacent to 47 Claremont. 

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