Selecting as a Group

Students may participate in Room Selection as part of a 2-10-person group. Each group must identify a Group Leader prior to completing the Room Selection Application in the Housing Portal.

Participating in Room Selection as Part of a Group

Every group must have a documented Group Leader. At the time of selection, the Group Leader will be the one responsible for making the actual housing selection for all members of the group.  

It is very important for the Group Leader to understand the group’s preferences so that they can make the best decisions possible if the group's first housing choice is no longer available at the time of their selection appointment.

In that case, the Group Leader will decide which rooms are selected that will accommodate the group. Therefore, selecting a trusted Group Leader and discussing housing options together as a group prior to selection are both important tasks.

Note: Barnard students cannot be group leaders in Columbia Housing Room Selection.

  1. The Group Leader will create a unique group name and password during their registration process and then share the information with all group members.  
  2. Each group member must complete their individual registration application. When they reach the Group Formation step of their application in the Housing Portal, each member should enter the group name and password. If you do not register for Room Selection, you will not be eligible to participate in Room Selection and your housing status will be changed to non-guaranteed. 
  3. Each group member must have a valid application before they can join a group.


  4. Students can only be part of one group at a time. If a students wants to change groups, they will need to log into the Housing Portal and leave the first group in order to join the new group before the end of registration.


  5. Once all group members have joined the group, the Group Leader must log back in to verify the group. The group leader should NOT verify the group until all group members have added themselves to the group. Group verification is required for a group to be assigned an appointment time.  


  6. After the Group Leader has verified the group, all group members must log back into the Housing Portal to complete their individual applications through the Statement of Intent.

  • Group Leaders and group members can make changes throughout the Room Selection registration period but once Room Selection registration closes, no changes are permitted

  • Students can only be a member of one group at a time. You cannot join multiple groups. 

  • Group members can leave their group prior to the end of the registration period. Group Leaders, however, must designate a new leader before the system will allow them to leave a group. 

  • The Group Leader may designate a proxy during the Room Selection registration period. This allows the Group Leader to delegate responsibility in the case the Group Leader cannot make their scheduled appointment time. 
    • The proxy must be one of the group members, and they must have been added as a proxy in the Housing Portal to be allowed to select on the Group Leader's behalf.

  • Changes in group leadership are binding.  

  • The Group Leader must verify the group once all members have joined in order to proceed with the Room Selection process. 

Please see the Housing Calendar for Room Selection registration dates.


Groups select directly into rooms or suites that fit the number of group members.

    Groups do not need to pick an exact suite of their group size. Instead, group members can select into any individual spaces in the same building or in different buildings.

    However, if the group is picking into a suite, double, or apartment, the space must be completely filled; vacancies in the space are not allowed. If any of these requirements are not met, the system will not allow you to proceed with selection until they are.

    Example 1:

    A group of 8 has the flexibility to choose any combination of rooms and/or suites across all buildings that accommodates every individual -- but members must still fill all suites or doubles.

    • Option 1: Two 4-person suites
    • Option 2: Four doubles
    • Option 3: One 4-person suite and two doubles
    • Option 4: Eight corridor-style singles

    Example 2:

    A group of 6 can select the following options: 

    • A 6-person suite   

    • A 5-person suite, plus a single in corridor style building 

    • A 4-person suite plus a double room/ or 4-person suite plus 2 singles in corridor style building 

    • 3 doubles, or 2 doubles and 2 singles, or one double and 4 singles in corridor style building 

    • 6 singles in corridor style building in the same building or different buildings 

    • Each group member must register for Room Selection. 
    • If a student is choosing to select as part of a group, they must join the group in the Housing Portal during the registration period using the group name and password provided to them by the Group Leader.
    • Group members must log back in to complete their application through the Statement of Intent once their Group Leader has verified their group.
    • Once the Group Leader has selected rooms, individual group members must log in to the Housing Portal to sign their Occupancy Agreements.
    • Communicate their building and roommate preferences to their Group Leader in advance of selection. It may be helpful to create a list in to share with your Group Leader in case your first choice is unavailable.  

    • The Group Leader will create the group during the registration period and provide all group members with the group name and password so that they can join.

    • Once all members have joined the group in the Housing Portal, the Group Leader must verify the group in the Housing Portal. The Group Leader can also designate a proxy during this time to select for the group.

    • The Group Leader will log in with their UNI and password during their appointment time to select the rooms for themselves and all group members.  

      • The Group Leader cannot log in before their appointment date/time. They can log in starting from their scheduled appointment time through the end of Room Selection.

    • Any decision or action made by the Group Leader or by the proxy designated by the Leader is binding to the group they represent. 

    • Group Leaders can change group room assignments during the appointment time as long as it is done before they confirm the rooms. Once confirmed, no changes can be made. 

    • Group Leaders must sign their own Occupancy Agreement.