Resident Advisers (RAs) and RA Riders

RAs and RA Riders Must Register for Room Selection

To maintain guaranteed housing status, RAs and RA Riders must register for Room Selection and sign their Occupancy Agreement. 

Visit Residential Life online to learn more about the role of the RA, required qualifications, and the application process.

Housing Assignment Procedures

RA assignments are made by Residential Life.  

RA Rider

In most buildings, RAs are allowed to choose one other person to live with them. These residents are known as RA Riders. Only CC and SEAS students who are guaranteed housing are eligible to be RA Riders; Barnard students are not eligible. All Riders must register for Room Selection and select ‘RA Rider’ as their Category Declaration. Their name will be withdrawn from the Housing Lottery and the Housing team will assign them to the room they will share with their sponsoring RA in advance of the Room Selection process.