Rate Structure

Columbia Housing provides accommodations for undergraduate students during the official Academic Terms, as well as in the interim periods between terms. Rates for the current Academic Year are provided below.

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Academic Year 2021-2022 Rates

2022 Interim Period Rates

Interim periods are the days between the end of one term and the beginning of the next and are priced separately. Students who are approved to stay on campus between terms can apply for Housing during these times.


  • Interim periods are only available for students that have assignments in both the terms prior and post interim.
  • Visiting students are not eligible for interim periods.

Summer 2022 Rates for Individual Residents

The following rates apply to individual residents. If you are part of a conference group or academic program, please contact your administrator for rates.

There will be an application fee of $60 for summer housing which will be applied toward your total rate.

Learn more about summer housing.


  • CC/SEAS Graduating seniors are only eligible for Summer Session I

*If you are approved for on-campus housing for the full summer term, your rate will include the cost of the summer interim period ($120 for July 1 and 2). 

Academic Year 2022-2023 Rates

Note: A small portion of the Housing rate includes a service fee to support residential life staff working within the residence halls.