Rate Structure

Columbia Housing provides accommodations for undergraduate students during the official Academic Terms, as well as in the interim periods between terms. Rates for the current Academic Year are provided below.

Have a question about rates? Email the Columbia Housing team.

Academic Year 2022-2023 Rates

Note: A small portion of the Housing rate includes a service fee to support residential life staff working within the residence halls.

Summer 2023 Rates for Individual Residents

The summer housing rate is $60/day and is billed by the session: Summer Session I, Summer Session II, or the full summer period. Summer housing is not provided for less than full sessions. Dates and full session costs will be posted in the spring.

This rate applies to individual CC/SEAS residents who are currently enrolled in classes. If you are part of a conference group or academic program, please contact your administrator for rates.

*Summer Interim is mandatory for students living in Columbia Housing for Summer Session I and Summer Session II. These students will be billed $4,920 for the entire Summer.