47 Claremont Avenue

47 Claremont provides suite-style housing with a mix of 3-7-person suites.

Data from Room Selection 2021 shows the make-up of this building as 50% sophomores, 25% juniors, 21% seniors and 4% mixed-point groups (average point value of mixed-point groups was 28). Please keep in mind that class make-up in each building varies year to year based on student preferences. This should not be used as predictive data for the upcoming academic year.

47 Claremont Avenue

Building Fast Facts

  • Close to Barnard campus
  • Directly across from Barnard Library and quick access to Barnard’s Hewitt Dining Hall
  • Short walk to Riverside Park
  • Suites have a kitchen with full size appliances

Building Details:

Building Amenities:

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