Cleaning Expectations


Cleaning expectations encompass responsibility for cleaning certain spaces, trash management, and recycling and composting policies.

Cleaning Expectations and Responsibility

Residents are responsible for cleaning their assigned bedroom spaces, including the furnishings, appliances, and fixtures therein; and for maintaining satisfactory sanitation, garbage disposal, and safety standards.

Responsibility for bathroom and kitchen cleaning varies by building. Please visit each individual building page in the Residence Hall Directory to learn more.

Trash & Recycling Policy

Residents are responsible for properly discarding trash and recycling and maintaining satisfactory sanitation and safety standards. Methods of trash disposal vary by building; please visit the building pages to learn more.

  • Residents must clean and separate recyclables from trash before they are placed in recycling receptacles.
  • Do not discard heavy items down compactor chutes as they can damage the chutes, damaged chutes will be closed until repaired.
  • Do not throw recyclable items (i.e. metal, hangers, Columbia Dining eco-containers, paper waste) into the trash compactorsThese items should be disposed at the building’s recycling station.

To request the cleaning of a communal, custodial services-managed space, please place a Service Request or contact the Hartley Hospitality Desk.

How to Clean Your Suite or Shared Bathroom

In some residence halls, residents are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms. Watch the video below for tips on how to clean properly. Please visit each individual building page in the Residence Hall Directory to learn more.

How to Recycle and Break Down Waste

Visit the Sustainable Columbia website to learn more about recycling glass, metal and plastics, paper and cardboard, and other materials