East Campus

East Campus features all-suite living, comprised of townhouses, split-level suites, and two-person suites. East Campus provides convenient access to campus and neighborhood restaurants and is a popular choice for Seniors.

Data from Room Selection 2021 shows the make-up of East Campus as 72% seniors, 24% juniors, and 4% mixed-point groups (average point value of mixed-point groups was 22). Please keep in mind that class make-up in each building varies year to year based on student preferences. This should not be used as predictive data for the upcoming academic year.

East Campus

Building Fast Facts

  • Beautiful views of the city, Morningside Park, and campus
  • Located in close proximity to Columbia Dining @ Faculty House
  • Building has air conditioning
  • Piano available in the second floor lounge
  • Faculty-in-Residence: Professor Matthew Jones, Department of Contemporary Civilization

Building Details:

Building Amenities:

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