Watt Hall

Mostly juniors live at Watt, a building which provides multiple residential arrangements on each floor including studio doubles and one and two bedroom apartments.

Watt Hall

Building Fast Facts

  • Versatile living options that allow residents to choose the layout that works best for them:
    • Studio double apartments (i.e., a double room with a private kitchen and bathroom but no living space)
    • A true one bedroom double where residents share the bedroom
    • A flex two bedroom where the living space is used as a bedroom so that each resident has a private room
    • A true two bedroom where residents have single rooms
  • Each apartment has a full kitchen
  • Each floor has a washer and dryer
  • Bathrooms and kitchens are cleaned by residents

Room Selection 2023 Data

Room Selection 2023 data shows that the students who selected into this building were 72% rising juniors and 28% rising seniors.

  • 100% of students who selected into this building participated as part of a group.
    • 3% were in mixed-point groups with an average point value of 35
    • 26% were in rising seniors groups
    • 71% were in rising juniors groups
  • 2 bedroom singles were the first rooms to be selected
    • 100% of 2 bedroom singles were filled by rising seniors

Please keep in mind that class make-up in each building varies year to year based on student preferences. This should not be used as predictive data for the upcoming academic year.

Building Details:

*One bedroom apartments with double occupancy can be converted to two singles depending on living preferences

Building Amenities:

What Former Residents Say:

"A favorite among students seeking a more private living situation."