• Students may cancel their request to live on campus for the Fall Term up until room assignment with no fee.
  • Following these dates, cancellation fees for returning students will be assessed as outlined below.
  • Cancellations can be requested via the Housing Portal as detailed at the bottom of this page.
  • Please note: International students who are approved and assigned housing, but find later that they have travel or visa issues will not be assessed a cancellation fee.

Academic Year Cancellation Schedule

Spring Term 2022: First-Year & Upperclass Residents

Summer and Interim Periods 2022: All CC/SEAS Individual Residents

There will be an application fee of $60 for summer housing which will be applied toward your total rate.

  • No cancellation fee will apply if the cancellation is submitted prior to Check-In for the summer session or interim period.
  • The $60 application fee will still be assessed to students who do not check in for their session or interim period. 
  • Students who cancel after Check-In of any given session are responsible for the full rate. See summer housing rates.

Fall Term 2022: Upperclass Residents

Note: The resident will continue to be charged for daily occupancy until the date on which check-out is complete and Housing has received the cancellation notice.

Fall Term 2022: First-Year Residents


The Terms and Conditions of a resident's Occupancy Agreement are binding for the entire occupancy period. However, under certain circumstances, Columbia Housing permits the termination of the Occupancy Agreement and thus the cancellation of housing, as set forth in the Occupancy Agreement. 


A resident who desires to terminate their Occupancy Agreement must complete the cancellation step on the Housing Portal and complete the requirements for Check-Out. The resident will continue to be charged for occupancy until the date on which check-out is complete and Housing has received the cancellation notice. Please note that notice of withdrawal, or cancellation of admission or registration to other University offices does not constitute notice of cancellation to Housing.

Cancellation fees will be waived for required military service, medical leave of absence, withdrawal or graduation from the University, and Housing may waive fees at its discretion. Learn more about leaves of absence.

Cancellation Procedure

Students can cancel housing through the Housing Portal.

  1. Log into the Housing Portal
  2. Select the application to be cancelled (e.g., academic year, summer)
  3. Choose “cancel application" from the drop-down menu
  4. Sign and agree to the cancellation terms

If you cannot access the Housing Portal to cancel your application, please contact the Columbia Housing team Monday-Friday at 212-854-2946 or by email.