627 W. 115th Street

627 W. 115th St. is a residential brownstone, offering spacious corridor-style studio singles and doubles. This building typically houses juniors and seniors.

627 W. 115th Street

Building Fast Facts

  • Brownstones with apartment-style, spacious studio doubles. Each floor has two to three apartments
    • A studio double is a double room with a private kitchen and bathroom but no living space
  • 627 W. 115th St. has the only triple apartment in the Housing portfolio
  • Quick access to several dining locations and off-campus shops and restaurants

Room Selection 2023 Data

Room Selection 2023 data shows that the students who selected into this building were 52% rising seniors, 45% rising juniors, and 3% rising sophomores.

  • 90% of students who selected into this building participated in a group
    • 18% were in mixed-point groups with an average point value of 33
    • 43% were in rising seniors groups
    • 39% were in rising juniors groups
  • Singles were the first selected rooms in this building, followed by doubles and 3-person suites
    • 100% of singles in this building were selected by rising seniors

Please keep in mind that class make-up in each building varies year to year based on student preferences. This should not be used as predictive data for the upcoming academic year.

Building Details:

Building Amenities:

What Former Residents Say:

“The Brownstones are awesome. There is so much room for you to either hang out with your friends or even just to sit and study. Plus, when else in my life will I be able to live in a real New York City Brownstone?”

“I loved living in the Brownstones. The kitchen and the living room are huge, much bigger than any suite in East Campus. When the weather is warm, we all sit on the steps of our house and hang out with people from the other Brownstones on the block. Overall, I had a great experience living here.”