Ruggles Hall

Mostly juniors live in Ruggles, a suite-style building with four suites per floor that house 4-8 residents in singles and doubles.

Ruggles Hall

Building Fast Facts

  • Apartment-style living experience with multiple bedrooms per apartment, as well as a full kitchen and at least one bathroom
  • Walking distance to John Jay Dining Hall, JJ's Place and restaurants and shops on Amsterdam Avenue

Room Selection 2022 Data

Room Selection 2022 data shows that the students who selected into this building were 69% juniors, 18% sophomores, and 14% seniors.

  • 99% of students who selected into this building participated as part of a group
    • 9% were in mixed-point groups with an average point value of 32*
    • 13% were in rising seniors groups
    • 60% were in rising juniors groups
    • 18% were in rising sophomores groups

*This point value is adjusted to reflect the changes in point value effective for AY 23-24 Room Selection.

Please keep in mind that class make-up in each building varies year to year based on student preferences. This should not be used as predictive data for the upcoming academic year.

Building Details:

Building Amenities:

What Former Residents Say:

"Ruggles is a quiet building with a close-knit community."

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