Fraternity & Sorority (FSL) Brownstones

Columbia College, SEAS, and Barnard College students with guaranteed housing are eligible to live in FSL Housing. Learn more about FSL Housing and contact Fraternity & Sorority Life for more information about the application process.

    Photo of one of the FSL Brownstones

    FSL Brownstones:

    • 523 West 113th Street: Sigma Chi
    • 550 West 113th Street: Sigma Phi Epsilon
    • 552 West 113th Street: Delta Gamma
    • 556 West 113th Street: Sigma Nu
    • 534 West 114th Street: Kappa Alpha Theta
    • 536 West 114th Street: Alpha Chi Omega
    • 540 West 114th Street: Sigma Delta Tau
    • 548 West 114th Street: Kappa Delta Rho


    FSL Housing in East Campus:
    • Alpha Epsilon Pi
    • Phi Iota Alpha

    Building Fast Facts

    • Community living environment
    • Walking distance to several dining locations and off-campus shops and restaurants

    Building Details:

    Building Amenities:

    The FSL Brownstones:

    What Former Residents Say:

    "The Brownstones are awesome. There is so much room for you to either hang out with your friends or even just to sit and study. Plus, when else in my life will I be able to live in a real New York City Brownstone?"

    "I loved living in the Brownstones. The kitchen and the living room are huge, much bigger than any suite in East Campus. When the weather is warm, we all sit on the steps of our house and hang out with people from the other Brownstones on the block. Overall, I had a great experience living here."

    Additional Photos: