Incoming first-year students at Columbia College (CC) or the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) are required to live on campus and are guaranteed four consecutive years of housing, provided they meet all of the eligibility requirements. For purposes of determining years of residence, a partial year is considered a full year.

Continued residence in Columbia Housing-owned and operated residence halls and brownstones during the academic year requires registration as a full-time CC or SEAS degree candidate for an approved program of academic work as determined by the school in which the student is enrolled. If students are not registered for the minimum number of credits, their Occupancy Agreement will be terminated and they will be required to move out of the residence halls.

If you reside in undergraduate housing and are unable to register for classes due to a hold on your account or have a prior term balance exceeding $1,000.00, you will not be allowed to move into Columbia Housing for the next term. If you fail to register for classes, you are no longer eligible for undergraduate housing, and must make necessary arrangements to secure registration, or you will be denied access to the residence halls and your room. Holds will remain in effect until your account is settled with Student Financial Services.

Please note that Columbia Housing does not house graduate students.

Loss of Guaranteed Housing

Students may lose guaranteed housing status for one of the following reasons:

  • non full-time status
  • voluntary withdrawal from school
  • required withdrawal from school
  • moving from Columbia Housing residence halls and brownstones to off-campus housing or a non-Columbia-owned fraternity or sorority building
  • disciplinary action
  • unapproved study abroad
  • failure to graduate on time (ninth-term seniors)
  • failure to register for and participate in the Housing Lottery/Room Selection
  • failure to sign an Occupancy Agreement
  • failure to live in residence during first year of admittance and failure to register for Room Selection for sophomore year

If a student loses guaranteed housing, they will not be able to participate in Room Selection in the future and are no longer guaranteed a room. However, students may still be eligible to live in the residence halls. If students would like to try to obtain an assignment after they lose guaranteed housing, they must reapply for housing each year and will be placed on the Non-Guaranteed Wait List.

It is not always possible to house all of the CC and SEAS students on the Non-Guaranteed Wait List. Therefore, if students are returning from a voluntary or have otherwise lost guaranteed housing status, they may seek off-campus housing through Columbia’s Off-Campus Housing Assistance (OCHA). For best results, begin searching for housing well in advance of the start of the fall term.

Medical Leaves

A student in CC or SEAS who has been granted a medical leave of absence and has guaranteed housing when they leave will maintain guaranteed housing upon readmission. However, students on leave will not participate in Room Selection for the upcoming school year. Instead, students on leave may apply for housing as a returning student upon readmission. They will be assigned a room prior to the start of the term. 

Part-Time Students

Housing in residence halls is only available to full-time undergraduate students in CC and SEAS. If students are not registered for the minimum number of credits, their Occupancy Agreement will be terminated, and they will be required to move out of the residence halls.