Room Assignment


First Year students are required to live on campus and upon acceptance to the University must complete the housing application. Every upperclass resident who is eligible for housing the following year must register to participate in Room Selection during the spring term. 


Housing reserves the right to change an assignment for any reason at its discretion. 

Students may not:

  • Move to another bedroom, suite, or residence hall without authorization.
  • Occupy a residence hall space or furnishings assigned to another resident.
  • Sublet a residence hall room, suite, or apartment or allow an individual to reside in a residence hall without authorization.

If a student is discovered occupying a space other than their assigned space, they will be charged a $100 fee per resident, and they risk losing their guaranteed housing status. They will be required to return to their assigned space unless authorization from Housing is acquired. 

Temporary Assignments

Students may need to relocate to a temporary assignment.

  • When they can move back to their permanent assignment, they need to vacate the temporary assignment completely.
  • The same policies that apply while occupying their permanent assignment apply to occupying the temporary assignment.