Room Transfers

Please Be Aware:

Housing is currently unable to accommodate requests for room transfers, due to limited available space. However, students who mutually agree to switch rooms with one another can notify the Housing team and we will arrange for a room swap. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected] or talk to your RA about next steps.


Room Transfer Requests may be submitted for any reason. Students who are interested in a transfer should contact their Hall Director to schedule a meeting to discuss options. For immediate support and resources navigating a difficult living arrangement, students may also contact their RA or Hall Director. Residential Life staff can assist in providing strategies for various challenges and can offer support services, including roommate mediation conversations. 

Please note that singles are not available; students currently residing in a double will be able to explore options for relocating into another double.

Room Transfer Request Period

Requests should be submitted between the third and fifth week of classes during the spring semester. Please see the Housing Calendar for specific dates. The room transfer period closes after the fifth week of classes. Due to limited availability, transfer requests typically cannot be accommodated after the transfer period.

Submission of the Transfer Request Application is Binding

Once a transfer is authorized, the student agrees to abide by the following:

  • If Columbia Housing can accommodate one of the student’s choices, the student will be required to move within 24 hours. Failure to move will result in a $250 penalty, which will be charged to the student account.
  • If students begin moving and do not complete the move within 24 hours of signing the Occupancy Agreement, the items in their old room will be considered trash and discarded. The fee for this will be $250.
  • Pay the charges for the space into which that resident transfers, from the day the transfer becomes effective until the last day of the occupancy period.
  • Pay the charges for the space from which the student transfers, from the first day of the contract period until the day the transfer becomes effective, until all personal property is removed and the keys are returned, whichever is later.
  • Students must check out from their old room properly, return or deactivate all room and suite keys and access, and notify Housing when the move is completed.

Once the transfer has been completed, the following information will appear on the student account:

  • A prorated daily charge for the room the student is leaving, up to the date of transfer or until all personal property is removed and the keys are returned or access deactivated, whichever is later.
  • A prorated daily charge for the new room, effective the date of transfer.

The room charges on the student’s bill will be split between the two rooms and reflect the difference between the new and old room rates.

  • Upperclass students cannot transfer into first year space, and vice versa.
  • If students are discovered living in a room other than the one for which they have a signed Occupancy Agreement, they will be charged a $100 administrative fee and will be required to return to their assigned room.
  • To ensure fairness to all residents in the Room Selection process, all room transfer requests for academic year spaces are processed in accordance with the rules and regulations established by Columbia Housing.
  • There will be no room transfers during Winter break. All moving must take place by the Fall semester Check-Out date.

Transfer Requests should be submitted within the request period, between the third and fifth week of classes. Please see the Housing Calendar for specific dates. Requests received after this period typically cannot be accommodated due to limited inventory.

  • Students should contact their hall director (HD) to set up a meeting to discuss their desire to transfer. If a student does not have their Hall Director’s contact information, they may request that information from their RA.
  • The HD will meet with the student to understand concerns. Please note that due to limited availability, transfer requests may only be accommodated in certain extenuating circumstances.
  • If the transfer request is approved, the HD will coordinate with Housing to explore options for alternate assignment. The student will have the opportunity to discuss the alternate options with the HD before the transfer is initiated
  • Housing will communicate instructions to the student for relocating and signing an updated occupancy agreement.