To maintain Guaranteed Housing status, all current undergraduate students must register for Room Selection. Below are step-by-step instructions with screenshots to show you how to complete the process.

Step 1: Log In

Log in to the Housing Portal using your UNI and password.

Step 2: Welcome

After logging in, you'll see the welcome screen below with information about the Room Selection Application process. 

Note: The green area of the screen provides information about what you have completed and what you still need to do to complete your Room Selection Application. Make sure to complete all steps.

Step 3: Begin

Click the Apply button to begin. Carefully review and complete each page of the registration form.

    STEP 3: Click Apply to begin the process.

    Note: No matter where you are in the Housing Portal, the Room Selection Application can be accessed by clicking the menu icon in the top left corner of the Portal navigation, then selecting Room Selection Application.

    NOTE: Use Portal menu to choose Room Selection Application

    Step 4: Personal & Contact Details

    Complete the Personal & Contact Details section. If you already have a record in SSOL, that information will be pulled into the application automatically. If not, or if the required information is not in SSOL, you will need to complete any empty fields yourself before proceeding.

    Please review and ensure this information is complete and accurate.

    Step 4: Personal & Contact Details

    Also included in this section is Emergency Contact Information. These fields are mandatory so that we have a valid phone number of someone to call in case you are involved in an emergency situation.

    STEP 4: Emergency Contact information is required

    Step 5: Student Profile

    Complete your Student Profile truthfully and accurately. This profile provides an overview of your living style, including bedtime and wake time, study habits, etc. This information helps ensure that, if necessary, you can be paired with another student who fits your profile.

    This information is especially important for students on the Room Selection waitlist.

    STEP 5: Complete Your Student Profile

    Step 6: Select a Dining Plan

    The Room Selection Application provides the opportunity to select a Dining Plan for the next academic year. A summary is provided on this screen for each plan, as well as links to a more detailed comparison to help you make the best decision.

    Selecting a Dining Plan is optional, but please note that if you do not select a Dining Plan during this step, you will not be able to go back and choose one via the Housing Portal at a later date. You can always purchase a plan directly through via the Columbia Dining website.

    Regardless if you select a plan during this step or not, click Save and Continue to proceed.

    Step 6: (optional) Select a Dining Plan

    Step 7: Dining Dollars & Flex

    The next screen reminds you that you can add additional Dining Dollars and Flex to your account in SSOL. After reviewing this content, click Save & Continue to proceed.

    Step 7: (optional) Add Dining Dollars and Flex

    Step 8: Verify Eligibility

    During this step, you will verify your individual eligibility for Room Selection and confirm your standing. This screen displays your individual point value for Room Selection and provides a series of checkboxes showing your eligibility to participate in Room Selection and your Guaranteed Housing Status.

    If this information is correct, click Save & Continue to proceed.

    Note: If the information displayed on this screen is not accurate, do not click Save and Continue. Exit the application process and contact Columbia Housing to make corrections. Afterwards you can return to the application process.

    STEP 8: Confirm Eligibility & Standing

    Step 9: Indicate Participation

    This screen asks you to indicate whether or not you will be participating in the Room Selection process. Review the two options and select one from the drop-down menu.

    Do not participate in Room Selection indicates students who are: 

    • Studying abroad 

    • Moving off campus 

    • Living in Barnard Housing 

    • Taking a Voluntary Leave 

    • Taking a Military Leave 

    Participate in Room Selection indicates students who:

    • intend to enter Room Selection as an individual or as a group, where students choose from suites, doubles, and/or corridor-style single rooms with Columbia Housing.  

    Once you've selected the appropriate options, click Save and Continue.

    Special Living Communities

    This step is a different for students who fall into one of the following groups. Students who are part of one of these groups will see their upcoming room assignment on this screen and be asked to either verify it, or to contact Columbia Housing if there is an issue.

    Special Housing includes students who will be: 

    • Resident Advisers (RAs) or RA Riders 

    • Members of fraternities and sororities (FSL) 

    • Participating in Special Interest Communities (SIC) 

    • Approved by Disability Services or Disability Riders 

    STEP 9: Select Participation in Room Selection

    Note: The next screen will display a confirmation of your selection. Review to ensure it is correct, then click Save and Continue.

    Step 10: Room Selection Groups

    If you will be participating in Room Selection as part of a group, then you will need to indicate that during this step.

    Detailed information regarding Room Selection Groups is available and should be reviewed prior to completing this step in the Housing Portal.

    The first time you visit this section of the Room Selection Application, you will see the screen below, which informs you that you are not part of a group and that you will need to either form a group or join a group if you intend to select as a group during Room Selection.

    • If you were selected by your group to be the Group Leader, you will click the Create Group button.
    • If you will be a member of a group, but not the leader, click the Join Group link on the right of the screen.

    Note: Even though you will be selecting as a group, every member of the group must complete their own Room Selection Application in order to join their group.

    STEP 10: Group Formation

    After clicking Create Group, Group Leaders will enter a name for the group and designate a unique password. This group name and password entered will be used by the other group members to join the group.

    Click Save Group to create the group. The final step in group creation will occur after all group members have completed a Room Selection Application for themselves, and joined the group as part of that process.

    Note: Once all members have joined the group, the Group Leader needs to verify the group, after which the group is finalized. The Group Leader should not verify the group until all members have joined.

    After Room Selection registration is over, no additional changes can be made to groups other than to transfer group ownership, or change the name and password of the group.

    STEP 10: Group Formation - Creating a Group

    If you are not the leader of your group, you will need to join your group at this step.

    After clicking Join Group, as shown in the previous screen capture, enter the group name and password provided to you by your Group Leader, then click Join Group.

    STEP 10: Group Formation - Join a Group

    Once you are part of a group, you will see a group summary page that shows whether or not the Group Leader has verified the group as well as the other group members who have joined and their profiles.

    • If you are the Group Leader, you can change the group name and password, or transfer your Group Leader status to another member.
    • If you are a group member, you have the option to leave the group, should you want to prior to the end of Room Selection Registration.

    Once Registration is closed, no changes can be made to group membership.

    Note: Remember that only the Group Leader will have the ability to make your housing selection during your appointment time, so your leader should be someone who the entire group feels comfortable with giving that authority, and someone who will be available during your appointment time to log in to the Housing Portal and make your group's selection.

    Step 12: Statement of Intent

    The last step in the application process is to digitally sign your Statement of Intent to participate in Room Selection. 

    For those selecting as part of a group, this step will not be available to you in the Housing Portal until your group is verified by your Group Leader.

    If you intend to participate in Room Selection and live in the residence halls next academic year, click the checkbox labeled I agree to the Statement of Intent of Residence and then click Save and Continue.

    STEP 11: Statement of Intent

    Regardless of your housing arrangements for the next academic year, failure to submit the Statement of Intent will result in loss of Guaranteed Housing Status, so please complete this step if you wish to maintain your Guaranteed Housing status.

    If you cancel after selecting your room, cancellation fees may apply.

    If you need help during registration, contact the Housing team:

    • 212-854-2946 (Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00)
    • 212-854-2779 (After hours and weekends)
    • [email protected]