Study Abroad

If students study abroad for one or two terms under a program approved by their school, pay tuition to Columbia for this program, and have guaranteed housing when they leave, they are still guaranteed housing when they return.

Students Registering for Room Selection while Abroad

Students on approved study abroad leave during the Spring Term and who are eligible for guaranteed housing must register for Room Selection for the following year. The student can participate in Room Selection from abroad by either joining a group, choosing their own room, or designating a proxy to select a room for them during the Room Selection process. Failure to register for Room Selection and/or failing to select a room will result in a loss of guaranteed housing. 

Students Who Plan to Study Abroad for Fall Semester or the Upcoming Academic Year

Students who plan to be away for the Fall Semester or full year must still register for Housing, stating their intent to study abroad to maintain guaranteed Housing status.

Students Returning from Abroad for the Spring Semester

While they are abroad, students intending to return in the Spring must complete a Housing application online, indicating their intent to reside on campus during the Spring Semester. Students will receive an email from Housing in late November to apply for Housing. After eligibility is confirmed, spring assignments will be made based on seniority, the date the application is received, available housing, and the preferences indicated. Room assignments will be emailed in early January.