Transfer, Combined Plan, and Exchange Students: Find Your Check-In Location

Follow these steps to have the best Check-In day experience.

August 10, 2023

Step 1: Arrive at Your Selected Check-In Time

If you have not yet selected a time, please do so as soon as possible in the Housing Portal. Check-In appointments are available between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Tuesday, August 29.

Step 2: Proceed to Your Assigned Check-In Station

Check-In station locations vary and may be at a building different than your residence hall. Find your Check-In station.

At your Check-In station, you will pick up your CUID, which will be encoded with your room and building access and function as your room key. If you live in a hard key building, you will also pick up your room key. Once you have completed Check-In, you may proceed to your building. Moving bins will be available for rent at Check-In stations.

Step 3: Proceed to Your Building

Before you unpack your belongings, log in to the Housing Portal to take our brief Check-In survey and to complete the Room Condition Report (RCR). The RCR is mandatory. It records the condition of the furniture in your room at the time of move-in and will serve as the basis for damages during occupancy. Failure to complete the RCR may result in damage charges at Check-Out.

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What Comes Next: Check-In

Check-In on August 29.