Seasonal Transition: What You Need to Know about Heat in Your Building

Columbia Housing is monitoring outdoor temperatures to ensure that heating systems are turned off when appropriate.

April 17, 2024

New York City law requires all residential buildings to supply heat through May 31 if outdoor temperatures drop below a certain threshold. 

Heating in the Residence Halls 

Housing waits to turn off our heating systems until the weather forecast predicts several consecutive days of more than 60 degrees Fahrenheit (F) temperatures. Because of the size and complexity of building infrastructure, once the heat systems have been turned off, they cannot easily be switched back.  

Managing this process in the “shoulder” season (transition from spring to summer weather) can be imprecise, but Housing aims to accommodate the comfort level of as many students as possible. 

Temperature Concerns in Your Space 

As the seasons change, the temperature in your room may not always feel ideal. If you are too warm or too cold in your space, please contact the Hartley Hospitality Desk to request a temperature reading or submit a service request to report a heating issue.  

If your room has a radiator, please do not adjust the valves.