Respect for Your Community

Text: COVID-19 Update

Showing respect for your community includes abiding by the public health guidance set forth in the Columbia Community Health Compact.


Columbia Housing and Residential Life work together to provide an exceptional student-centered experience. Students living in our residential communities are expected to abide by all Guide to Living and University policies and to treat their roommates, suitemates, and hall mates with respect. 

Disruptive Behavior

No resident should engage in behavior that interferes with or compromises the personal safety or well-being of another. Behavior unsuitable for residence hall living, including, but not limited to, any practice that limits students’ rights of equal use and access to room/suite/hall facilities, is not permitted. Residents should not expose others to conduct that is disorderly, lewd, or indecent.

Respect for Community

Students will respect the right of all community members to cleanliness, security, privacy, established quiet hours for study and sleep, equal use and access to room/suite and hall facilities and generally to an environment conducive to learning and undergraduate college life.

Respect for Roommate(s)/Suitemate(s)

All roommates/suitemates have the responsibility to provide and the right to expect:

  •     a living space that is free of any actions or behaviors that interfere with the roommate’s privacy, study habits or sleep
  •     the ability to enter the room/suite whenever one would like
  •     an environment free of any form of harassment
  •     the ability to speak openly
  •     an environment where one is treated considerately and thoughtfully
  •     to address problems and concerns in a mature manner