Hosting Gatherings


Residents may host small gatherings in their room or suite and are expected to follow all relevant policies. Hosts may be required to end gatherings that impact the community or violate policy. 


In order to host responsibly, please keep in mind: 

  • Established community standards for the room/suite. There is an expectation that all occupants of the room/suite agree about any gatherings that take place. 
  • Hosts are responsible for the activities in the room/suite at all times. 
  • Hosts are responsible for the behavior of attendees and may incur disciplinary action for their own behavior and the behavior of attendees. 
  • Gatherings may not overflow into corridors or common areas. Room or suite doors may not be propped open. Gatherings must be confined to a contractually assigned room or suite. 
  • Larger numbers of participants increase the potential for a situation to become unsafe and negatively impact the community. 
  • Hosts are responsible for knowing and obeying the laws of New York State and Columbia University policies regarding alcohol and drugs. Hosts are responsible for any violations of the law or policies that take place at gatherings and may incur disciplinary action for these violations. 
  • Hosts are encouraged to reach out to the RA on-duty or Public Safety at any time if assistance is needed. 
  • If an attendee needs medical attention, hosts are obligated to take Responsible Community Action per the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy.
  • Hosts should be familiar with resources, including the RA on-duty and Public Safety, and anticipate how to address uninvited guests as necessary. 
  • Hosts are responsible for respecting quiet hours within the community. 
  • Residential Life staff can and will disperse gatherings deemed in violation of any policy at any time. 
  • Trash and all items from the gathering should be disposed of in the room or suite, and/or in designated trash/recycling areas within the building. 
  • Hosts are responsible for the condition of all common areas surrounding the gathering. Hosts should specifically check corridors, bathrooms, hallways, and other common areas utilized by attendees. 
  • Hosts and participants of gatherings during times when gatherings are prohibited are subject to disciplinary action.