First-Year Room & Check-In Assignment Available the Housing Portal

Please follow the steps outlined in this article to prepare for your arrival for Academic Year 2023-2024. 

June 27, 2023

Step 1: View Your Room Assignment in the Columbia Housing Portal 

The Columbia Housing Portal is your one-stop location for important information as a residential Columbia student. Throughout your time living on campus, you will visit the Housing Portal to submit applications, complete requirements, and more. 

Find your arrival date, Check-In time, room assignment, and roommate information for Academic Year 2023-2024:

  1. Log into the Housing Portal using your UNI, or if your UNI is not yet active, your Columbia ID number.
    • By UNI
      • Click "Login" in the top left-hand corner of the Portal homepage.
      • Select "Login with UNI" from the drop-down menu.
      • Enter your UNI and password.
    • By Columbia ID number
      • Click "Login" in the top left-hand corner of the Portal homepage.
      • Select "Login with Columbia ID number" from the drop-down menu.
      • Enter your Columbia ID number. Your Columbia ID number begins with C and is 9 digits. Your password is your date of birth in the format MMDDYYY (i.e., 04242004).
  2. Click on the “Move-In Information” tab in the menu. 

Step 2: Complete These To-Dos 

  1. Sign your Occupancy Agreement (OA) in the Housing Portal by August 1. Failure to sign the OA may jeopardize your housing assignment. 

  1. Obtain property insurance. 

Step 3: Start Thinking About What You’ll Bring to Campus 

Watch our video for recommendations on what you should and should not bring to campus. Remember, your room is furnished and space is limited.  

The Columbia Student Mail Center will begin accepting packages on August 1. Please do not send items sooner.

Step 4: Review Check-In Resources and Timeline 

In mid-July, we’ll send an overview of what to expect at Check-In. In the meantime, explore our Check-In resources: