Fall 2021 Health and Safety Inspections

October 19, 2021

Residential Life, Columbia Housing, and Fire Safety conduct annual Health and Safety Inspections. During inspections, staff enter student spaces to ensure that all fire safety equipment is in place and in functioning order, and that there are no prohibited items. Residents will receive email notification from Columbia Housing 48 hours prior to their building’s inspection date and do not need to be present. Inspection times are not able to be rescheduled.

Learn more about Health and Safety Inspections in the Guide to Living.


  • Nov. 9: Wien
  • Nov. 10: Broadway
  • Nov. 12: John Jay
  • Nov. 15: River
  • Nov. 16: FSL brownstones 
  • Nov. 17: Furnald 
  • Nov. 19: Schapiro 
  • Nov. 22: McBain 
  • Dec. 1: Harmony 
  • Dec. 3: 600 W 113
  • Dec. 6: Woodbridge 

These dates are subject to change. Any building not inspected in the fall will be inspected in the spring.

Go to the event calendar to download a calendar reminder for your building's inspection.