Sabbath Observers


Columbia Housing recognizes the religious diversity of the student body. Students who are sabbath observers should note in their Housing Application that they will need a mechanical key​.  

Request Mechanical Key

Students must request a mechanical key when they complete their Housing Application as a new student or during Room Selection Registration. ​​​  

Guest Procedure

If a resident expects Sabbath guests, they must submit a guest list to the Public Safety guard at the building entrance. Each Sabbath or religious holiday requires a new guest list submission. The guest list must include each guest’s first name, last name, UNI (when the guest is a student), hometown, and zip code. Upon arrival, the guest should inform the Public Safety guard that they are attending a Sabbath/religious meal. The guest must know the first and last name and room/suite number of the host.   

All guests of Sabbath observers must be met in the building lobby by the host and be signed in by the Public Safety Officer. The resident must be present to sign a guest into the building. If the guest is also a Sabbath Observer, they will not be required to leave an ID.