Emergency Procedures

University Communications

The University Emergency Management Operations Team (EMOT) includes senior leadership from across the University. EMOT is responsible for sharing information and determining and implementing a course of action during an emergency.

Students can register for or opt-out of the University Emergency Text Message system through Vergil My Personal Information. As a default provision, all mobile numbers are opted-in to receive emergency texts. The Emergency Text Message system is used to disseminate crucial information during events that may pose an immediate threat or have a significant impact (such as severe weather).

In case of an emergency:

  • Check the University home page for news and updates.
  • Stay in contact with your RA or a member of Residential Life staff who will be on-call or on-site to distribute additional information and instructions.
  • Visit the University Preparedness website for emergency-related issues and information.
  • If a city emergency, check information from the New York City Office of Emergency Management.

In the unlikely event that an active shooter incident was to happen on campus, refer to the Active Shooter guidelines provided on the University Preparedness website. 

Fire detection, suppression, and notification equipment is located in the residence halls for residents’ protection. Activation of an alarm will automatically cause a response by the New York City Fire Department.

If a resident discovers a fire, they should pull the nearest fire alarm and, once they have left the area, call the campus Emergency Number at (212) 854-5555.

More information can be found in the Fire Safety section.

  • Learn the signs of a possible gas leak
  • If you detect a strong odor, leave immediately and take others with you. In addition, do not light a match or smoke, turn appliances or lights on or off (including flashlights), use a telephone or start a car. Doing so can produce sparks that might cause the gas to explode.
  • As you are evacuating, call Public Safety 212-854-5555 or the Hartley Hospitality Desk at 212-854-2779.
  • In an emergency, call 911 or 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633).
  • In case of a power outage or blackout in the residence halls, be in contact with your RA for information and instructions.
  • Keep a flashlight in your room in case of an emergency.
  • Check the University Preparedness website for further instructions about safety precautions and University operations.
  • Stay indoors in cases of extreme weather.