Emergency Housing Host


During residence hall or campus emergency evacuations, residents may need to be temporarily placed with other Columbia Housing residents. To simplify the process of finding placements for evacuated residents, Columbia Housing encourages residents to register as an Emergency Housing Host through the Housing Portal.

Hosts will be notified prior to being assigned a temporary resident using the cell phone number they provided in the Housing Portal.

Hosting Option 1

For residence hall evacuations, hosts must be willing to share common space or room space in their suite or room with other Columbia Housing residents who need temporary housing.

Hosting Option 2

For campus evacuations, hosts must be willing to take one or more students to their home off-campus.

Opt In/Out Procedure

At any time during the academic year, residents can opt in or out as a host through the Housing Portal. A resident’s preferences will only be valid for the academic year of the application and will not rollover to the following academic year.