Common Areas


Common areas in the residence halls include building and floor lounges, hallway kitchens, hallways, stairwells, hallway restrooms, study rooms, laundry rooms, fitness rooms, and computer labs.

Common Area Policy

It is the responsibility of each community to see that these areas are kept in good condition and that the furnishings, fixtures, and appliances are not damaged or removed. Items that do not belong in common areas may be removed or discarded by Columbia Housing, Facilities and Operations, or Residential Life staff without warning. The University assumes no responsibility for lost or discarded items.

Kitchens Policy

Cooking or using cooking appliances is prohibited in all residence halls except in those areas officially designated and equipped for that purpose. Please visit each individual building page in the Residence Hall Directory to learn more.  

Never leave cooking unattended. This is the most common cause for setting off fire alarms. If a resident sets off a fire alarm due to careless cooking, they may be subject to the Dean’s Discipline process and Fire Department fines. 

Residents may not leave personal items, such as cookware, in non-suite common areas. Belongings left in non-suite common areas may be discarded during the next day’s cleaning. The University assumes no responsibility for lost or discarded items

While we discourage residents from using and/or disposing of food or kitchen items that do not belong to them, Residential Life and Housing assume no responsibility if such behavior does occur. Residents are encouraged to report missing or stolen items to Public Safety. 

Building Lounges

Lounges in the following buildings can be reserved by performance groups on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 9 AM to 6 PM, through the last day of classes of each semester.

  • Broadway Sky Lounge 14th floor 
  • Carman 
  • East Campus 2 
  • Furnald 
  • New Gaming lounge available to book for recognized gaming groups Friday 5p-11p and 9a-1a on weekends. Also available for open play to residential students when not booked starting in the fall. 

To make a reservation, please contact Event Management.  

Lounges in the following buildings/locations can be reserved by recognized student groups during certain days/times. 

  • Broadway 120 
  • Broadway 14th floor west lounge 
  • Wien 
  • Schapiro 

Please consult Event Management and your EMS account for full reservation policies and availability.

Floor Lounges

Most buildings have lounges on each of their floors that are intended for the residents of that floor. Residents should work with their RA if they would like to utilize the lounge for a community event. Approval of the Graduate/Residence Hall Director may be required. All events taking place in floor lounges are considered floor events and therefore must be free of charge and open to all residents of that floor and residence hall. The event must not be advertised outside of the hall in which the event is scheduled.