Liability & Insurance


The University shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss of or damage to any article or personal property anywhere on the premises of the Columbia Housing residence halls, whether or not caused by the University’s negligence.  

In the event of damage by fire, water, steam, or other causes which renders an assigned space unfit for occupancy, the University reserves the right to reassign the resident to alternate University housing accommodations. If such alternative accommodations are not available, the resident’s Occupancy Agreement may be terminated by the University without liability for damages.  

If appliances on the premises are not functioning, upon the University receiving reasonable notice, the University will make efforts to restore the functioning of the appliances. There will not be a decrease in the cost of housing in the event of non-functioning appliances, or refunds in the event of system interruptions including but not limited to electrical, plumbing and elevator outages. 

Property Insurance

The University assumes no responsibility for a resident's personal property while they live in the residence halls. Insurance coverage is the responsibility of each individual resident. The University strongly recommends that students living on campus purchase property (renters) insurance on their own or ensure that they are covered by their parents’ or guardians’ property (homeowners) insurance.