Room Selection Lottery Numbers Posted to Housing Portal

March 19, 2024

Lottery numbers are available on the the "Registration Summary" step page of the Housing Portal.  

What the Lottery Number Means 

Every individual or group is assigned a lottery number. The lottery number determines your appointment time. Students or groups with more seniority receive lower lottery numbers and earlier appointment times. 

  • Seniors (30 points): Lottery numbers 1 – 1000   
  • Mixed point groups (20.1 – 29.9 points): Lottery numbers 1001 – 2000   
  • Juniors (20 points): Lottery numbers 2001 – 3000   
  • Mixed-point groups (10.1 – 19.9 points): Lottery numbers 3001 – 4000   
  • Sophomores (10 points): Lottery numbers 4001 – 5000  

Learn more about how lottery numbers are determined.  

How to Prepare for Selection 

Room Selection takes place in the Housing Portal. Check out what to expect, whether you're selecting as an individual or as a group leader.  

Important Dates 

See appointment selection times by class, to help you determine where your appointment time might fall within your class. 

  • March 21: Appointment times posted to the Housing Portal 
  • March 27 - April 17: Room Selection takes place online in the Housing Portal

Room Selection Resources