Pets are not allowed in residence halls or brownstones, except for service animals, assistance animals, and fish kept in half-gallon or smaller tanks. “Visiting pets” are also prohibited from entering Columbia Undergraduate Housing-owned or operated residence halls and brownstones.

Assistance animals are domestic animals that provide emotional support and companionship. In contrast, service animals are trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. Students with service and assistance animals must be registered with Disability Services and receive approved accommodation. Learn more about these animals.

Students who bring animals or host guests with animals may be responsible for any damages


Service and assistance animals must be approved by Disability Services. Learn how to register a service or assistance animal.

In addition, guests with assistance animals must be approved by Disability Services at least four weeks in advance of the guest's visit. Once approved, Residential Life will notify Public Safety of the approved guest pass for the guest and their animal.