Residents on Dining Plans have access to all Columbia Dining service locations dining service locations and are expected to abide by certain policies and restrictions.


  • The Columbia Dining eco-container is the only reusable to-go container allowed in Dining locations. Students may opt to eat-in or use the eco-container to take a meal to-go, but not both. Outside Tupperware is not permitted per Department of Health policy.
  • Stuffing personal bags/backpacks, filling outside Tupperware, or removing an excessive amount of food is considered theft and will be reported to student conduct. Students may face disciplinary action for this behavior.
  • Students are expected to demonstrate respect for Columbia Dining property and not remove non-disposable utensils from any Dining location. This includes (but is not limited to) silverware, plates, bowls, and cups.

Dining Plan holders should be familiar with other Columbia Dining policies guiding terms of service, accounts, and practices.