Bag Drop Day

During Bag Drop, students and two guests will have early access to the student's room to move belongings to campus. Students will not be able to stay the night and must return on Sunday, August 25 for formal Check-In.

A family cheering at Check-In

Bag drop is available only for students who have confirmation through the Housing Portal. Confirm your Bag Drop status by reviewing the "Move-In Information" tab. 

If you are unable to participate in bag drop, please notify Columbia Housing as soon as possible.


  • We strongly recommend that you use Bag Drop Day to move all of your belongings as your items will have elevator priority. On Sunday, you may not be able to use the elevator for your belongings and any remaining items will need to be carried up the stairs. 
  • Elevators are reserved for moving belongings to rooms and for disability access. Individual access to residential floors may be restricted to stairs.
  • Students are only allowed two guests on Bag Drop Day.
  • Students cannot stay in their room overnight. Plan to return to campus on Sunday, August 25 for formal Check-In.
  • Select a Check-In time for Sunday, August 25 in the Housing Portal so we know when to expect you.

What to Expect

You can review your assigned Bag Drop time in the "Move-In Information" tab of the Housing Portal.

We will adhere strictly to assignments and late arrival may result in delays.

Students may not bring more than two guests to their bag drop appointment. 

Unload zones refer to the location where can cars can unload items. Zones and arrival instructions will vary by residence hall. 

More detailed information will be shared in early August.

The Welcome Station will be staffed by members of the Residential Life team who will provide instructions on how to access your room. 

You will not receive your Columbia University ID (CUID) card at Bag Drop.

Your room assignment is viewable in the "Move-In Information" tab of the Housing Portal

Be aware that elevators are reserved for moving belongings to rooms and for disability access. Individual access to residential floors may be restricted to stairs. 

You have until 4:00 p.m. to unpack your belongings. After 4:00 p.m., all students and their guests must vacate the residence halls.

Students are not permitted to spend the night. 

Students must return on Sunday to complete formal Check-In. Plan to arrive at the Check-In time you selected in the Housing Portal.

Please begin at step 3 of the General Check-In Day instructions


  • Students should Check-In at the time they selected in the Housing Portal, or no later than 4:00 p.m. Check-In Station locations will be the same as Bag Drop Welcome Stations.
  • On Check-In Day, the unload zones and elevators are reserved for students who are moving their belongings into the residence halls. Students who participated in Bag Drop should not use the unload zones, and will not have elevator priority. If you plan to bring additional items on Sunday, please be prepared to carry them. 
  • Students will be issued their Columbia University ID (CUID) card when they Check-In on August 25. Your CUID functions as your room key.