Summer Housing Details

On Friday 5/6, students received confirmation of their request for summer housing. Details including assignments and move instructions are to follow shortly. In the meantime, please review important milestones and dates. 

May 11, 2022

Key Summer Housing Dates and Milestones

Spring Interim: May 14 - 22

The interim period is from the end of the academic year to the beginning of the summer period. Students who need to stay in housing during the interim period must separately request interim housing. Requests for the interim period can still be made through the Housing Portal if you have not already done so.

Move Date for Students Currently on Campus: May 20

Students currently on campus will move from your spring assignment to your summer assignment on Friday, May 20 by 12 p.m. You must be on-campus this day to move. Students who will not be on campus must contact Columbia Housing to discuss options.

Summer Housing Begins: May 22

The official start date for summer housing is May 22. Students not currently living on campus will check-in this day.