Room Transfer Request Period Open Sept 19 - Oct 2

Students who would like to request a room transfer should submit the Room Transfer Request Form.

September 19, 2022

Starting today, September 19, students may submit a request for a room transfer. The transfer request period closes on October 2. Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Students should expect, at minimum, a one-week response time after submitting their request.

Transfer requests may be submitted if a student is experiencing difficulty in their living situation due to a roommate conflict, an environmental factor, or another concern. However, due to limited availability, transfer requests are not guaranteed. Please note that singles are not available; students currently residing in a double will be submitting a request to transfer to another double. Learn more about room transfer requests.

If you need immediate support navigating a difficult living arrangement, please contact your RA or Hall Director. For questions about the request form or transfer process, please contact [email protected].