Heating Season Through May 31

Per New York City code, the Morningside campus is in "heating season" until May 31. As such, all buildings must remain equipped to provide heat. See Heat and Hot Water in Guide to Living for more information.

April 29, 2022

Please note that in your building heat may not be regulated. See the follow for more about each building:

  • Broadway, Carman, East Campus, Furnald, and Schapiro
    • Heat will consistently run through your heating unit until the conversion to the cooling season. The fan speed can be adjusted to moderate output.
  • 47 Claremont, 600 W 113th, Brownstones, Carlton Arms, McBain, Ruggles, Watt, Wien, and Woodbridge
    • Heat output cannot be manually adjusted. The radiator valves in these residences are service valves, not control valves; they should not be closed. The system is designed to operate in the open position. Adjusting the radiator valve in your personal room may manipulate the heat for the entire building, may result in loud banging noises, and may increase the risk of unit leaks.
  • Harmony, Hartley, Hogan, John Jay, River, and Wallach
    • Heat may not be regulated.

For information about how heat regulations are governed in your building, please see the Common Maintenance Requests section of the Guide to Living. 

Thank you in advance for your patience while each of the residences undergoes this seasonal conversion.