Check-In Information Sent to First-Year Students on July 26

On July 26, first-year students received an email from Columbia Housing with their assigned Check-In and/or bag drop times, as well as important process information. Continue reading for a summary of the email. 

July 26, 2022

Your Check-In Assignment

Students were sent their Academic Year 2022-23 Check-In assignment in this communication. This information, along with the student's room assignment and roommate information (if applicable), is also viewable in the homepage sidebar of the Housing Portal.

Students who are participating in bag drop may change their assigned time based on appointment availability and their personal schedule. 

Bag Drop Assignment & Instructions

Students received their assigned bag drop time in this communication. Review the bag drop tab on the First-Year Check-In page to learn more about the bag drop process, including arrival instructions and day-of logistics.

Bag drop is available only for students who received confirmation via email from Columbia Housing on June 30. 

What to Expect at Check-In

A step-by-step overview of Check-In day can be reviewed on the Check-In page. Please be sure to look at the appropriate tab. 

Packing and Shipping to Campus



  • Your UNI is your mailbox number. See instructions from Columbia Mail for how to address mail and packages.
  • Take advantage of package pre-delivery. Items received between August 1 and August 15 will be delivered to your room prior to Check-In. Packages received before August 1 will be returned to sender.
  • The Mail Center will be closed on August 27 and August 28. Please plan to bring important items with you or ship them so they arrive before the pre-delivery deadline. Mail Center hours of operation will be posted to the Mail Services website.

To-Do Now

What Comes Next

In August, we’ll send important pre-arrival reminders and tips for how to have a smooth Check-In experience.

Check-In Resources & Other Information