Apply for Fall Interim Housing

Students who meet eligibility requirements have until August 8 to apply for Fall Interim Housing. Applications are submitted through the Housing Portal.

July 29, 2022

Fall Interim Housing bridges the gap between the end of Summer Session II and the start of the academic year and lasts from August 12 to September 2. 


  • To qualify for Fall Interim, you must reside in Columbia or Barnard Housing for Summer Session II and be a Columbia or Barnard student registered to live in Columbia Housing for the Fall.
  • You must be able to move on August 19.
  • You will no longer be eligible for Fall Interim Housing if you cancel Summer Session II or Fall 2022 Housing.
  • If you currently reside in Summer Housing at Columbia but will reside in Barnard Housing during the fall, you must apply for Fall Interim through Barnard.

Period & Rates

  • Fall Interim Housing lasts from August 12 to September 2. The rate is $1,260 and will be billed to your student account.
  • If an on-campus group will be sponsoring your Fall Interim housing, your sponsor is responsible for contacting Columbia Housing. You will not be billed, but you must complete the Fall Interim step of your Summer Housing application on the Housing Portal.
  • If you are sponsored for Early Arrival and wish to stay on campus from August 12 until your sponsored Early Arrival date, you must apply for Fall Interim and you will only be billed for the dates that the sponsor does not cover.

How to Apply

Eligible students may apply for Fall Interim Housing from now until 9:00 a.m. on Monday, August 8. There will be no exceptions to the deadline. To apply, log into your summer housing application on the Housing Portal.

  • Click on the ‘Summer Application’ button and select the Summer 2022 term.
  • Select ‘Fall Interim Housing’ from the top. You may have to scroll further to the right to view the step in the top menu.
  • Complete the form to submit your application for Fall Interim Housing.

Assignments Process

Students will move out of their Summer Housing assignments on August 19. We make every effort to place students into their fall assignments during the Interim period. However, please be advised that you may be required to move to a temporary assignment if your fall room assignment is not ready.

Students who are approved for Fall Interim Housing will be notified of their assignment and Check-In procedures via email before August 12. If you are required to move to a temporary assignment, you will receive a secondary move date in that email.

Cancellation Policy

There is no fee for cancellations submitted before Check-In on August 12. After August 12, the full cost of Interim Housing is non-refundable.

Terms & Conditions

  • Please remember that by signing up for Fall Interim housing, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this email, as well as those in the Terms and Conditions of Residence.
  • You may not leave any personal items in the common areas of your Interim assignment. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, and suite spaces. Columbia Housing will not be responsible for any belongings left in these spaces or unattended.
  • Overnight guests are not allowed during the Interim period.

If you have any questions regarding Fall Interim, please email [email protected].