4 Reasons You Should Get Rid of Stuff at Clean + Go Green

November 27, 2023

Clean + Go Green is November 30 – December 1. Donate or recycle unwanted items, like used clothes, shoes, and coats, textiles and linens, books, small household items, batteries, computer monitors and keyboards, electronic equipment, light bulbs, printer toner cartridges, and more. 

Why should you participate?

1. It could save you time, money, and mental space

Picture this: packing up your room in May is a breeze because you did a mid-year clean and donated those unwanted items piling up in your room. Getting rid of junk now means you'll have fewer things to store, sell, or toss at the end of the academic year. Future you will thank you.

2. A less cluttered space = easier to focus on important things 

A study by Princeton University researchers discovered that visual clutter can make it difficult to focus on a particular task, making it harder to complete projects efficiently. Set yourself up for success this finals season by de-cluttering your space before exams begin.

3. It supports the local community

Second-hand clothing, textiles, linens, non-perishable food, coats and shoes will go to Columbia Community Service which supports local nonprofits in Harlem and Morningside Heights.  

4. It’s good for the planet

When you bring your items to Clean + Go Green, you’re supporting a reuse community. Many of the books and household items are picked up by your fellow Columbians!

Clean and Go Green is hosted by Facilities and Operations and the Office of Sustainability. Learn more about the event