Special Populations

Special Populations and Room Selection

Room Selection information for special living arrangements

Students in a residence hall lounge
Rising Sophomores

The Room Selection lottery is based on seniority. Low seniority is a determining factor in the housing options available to sophomores and therefore singles are limited for sophomores. During Room Selection, groups of rising sophomores are strongly encouraged to form even-numbered groups.

Study Abroad
Study Abroad

Students on approved study abroad leave during the Spring Term and who are eligible for guaranteed housing must register for Room Selection for the following year. The student can participate in Room Selection from abroad by either joining a group or choosing as an individual.

Students with Disability Housing Accommodations

Accommodations are provided for students whose disabilities substantially limit their ability to live in Columbia’s traditional housing arrangements. Students must follow the University’s Disability Housing Accommodations Procedures & Guidelines available with the Disability Housing Accommodations Registration Form.

Resident Advisers
RAs and RA Riders

Residential Life employs nearly 150 students as Resident Advisers (RAs) and Senior Resident Advisers (SRAs). RA assignments are made by Residential Life. In most buildings, RAs can choose one other person to live with them. These residents are known as RA Riders.

Hartley Hall
Special Living Options

Columbia prides itself on the diversity of the student body. We recognize the importance of special living arrangements to accommodate the needs and interests of our students. Learn more about options like Special Interest Communities or Fraternity or Sorority Housing.

Barnard gates
Living with Barnard Students

Groups of 2 – 10 Columbia students may include one or more Barnard students for Room Selection. Only rising Barnard seniors are eligible to participant during Room Selection and only as members of a group. There is a cap on the number of rooms exchanged with Barnard.