Rising Sophomores

Room Selection for Sophomores

Selection Options

The Room Selection lottery is based on class seniority. As such, the inventory of single rooms is typically limited for sophomores and it is strongly encouraged that they form an even-numbered group. Forming even-numbered groups allows students to break into pairs to fill double rooms in the event that no singles are available, and also allows groups to stay together by selecting doubles that are located along the same corridor of a building. 

Ex: a 4-person group can pick into 4 singles if available. If none are available, the group can split into two, 2-person groups and can select two double rooms on the same floor of their preferred building.

If you do not form a group, you may still register as an individual and pick into an empty half of a double. If you are the first to pick into that double (i.e., the other half of the double is empty), a student with a later appointment time may select into the remaining half or you will be assigned a roommate over the summer. This is very similar to how Housing assigns roommates for first-year students as the most important factor considered for first-year assignments is building preference.

Sophomore Waitlist  

Inventory in the residence halls fluctuates depending on class sizes and registrations for Housing. This means that some rising sophomores may not be able to immediately choose a room during Room Selection. In the event that all available spaces are chosen before a student’s appointment time, they need to register for the Sophomore Waitlist through the Housing Portal no later than the final day of Room Selection. See the Housing Calendar for dates. Students on the Sophomore Waitlist have guaranteed housing status and will be assigned a room over the summer as space becomes available, typically in mid-July, due to cancellations.

Students who do not complete the Sophomore Waitlist application will lose guaranteed housing and will have to reapply with non-guaranteed status to be considered for assignment. 

Students should not skip their appointment or purposefully not select a room during Room Selection in hopes of being placed on the Sophomore Waitlist.